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Company Background

Committed to Transform Scientific Excellence into Revolutionary Software
ProcessGene Ltd is a privately held software corporation, based in Haifa Israel. The company offers two lines of software solutions:

  1. ProcessGene BPM Software Suite: software for multi-subsidiary Business Process Management (BPM)
  2. ProcessGene GRC Software Suite: software for multi-subsidiary Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Company History

Academic Era

The Quest of the "Business Process Genome"

ProcessGene started-up as a group of academic researchers, focused on various aspects of BPM and GRC. While conventional BPM research studied higher-level, "rough-cut" business process models, the ProcessGene team theorized that modeling the lower, more detailed levels of business processes is possible - down to the basic particles, or "Genome" of the business. Our research also analyzed the combinatorial relationships between business process artifacts, dealt with new and efficient methods of searching and querying business process repositories, and described algorithms for automatic generation of business process models. Some of our academic publications can be found here.

Industrial Revolution

Building Forward-Thinking BPM Machines

In 2004, some fellows of the research group decided to invest their attention and skills towards the development of an on-demand, innovative BPM system. This endeavor yielded the ProcessGene BPM Software Suite, by now the most seasoned and comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the BPM domain (see Gartner's report on BPM software vendors). The ProcessGene BPM Software Suite goes way beyond conventional offerings, by enabling direct connectivity to ERP systems (such as SAP and Oracle); automatically generating tailor-made process models based on organizational characteristics; and managing the entire lifecycle of business processes, covering the phases of: design, change management, process improvement, quality assurance, and related enterprise software implementation. More generally - we have created a new niche within the BPM realm, namely: "Business Process Realization".

Developing the Next Generation of GRC Machines

Following an experience gained at hundreds of ProcessGene BPM projects, we decided to complement our BPM offering with GRC capabilities, aiming to assure that enterprise processes comply with external and internal regulations, while taking into account related risk factors.
The ProcessGene GRC software solution has been provisioned in two modes: (a) an additional functionality to our ProcessGene BPM Software Suite, or (b) as a stand-alone GRC Software Suite for "pure" GRC customers. In both cases, our GRC Software Suite is considered one of the most powerful and comprehensive solutions in the market thanks to its underlying BPM engine, which enables fully automated management of the GRC lifecycle, related processes, and related audits / tasks. GRC specific functionality includes the management of risks and controls, periodical audits, collection of related events, financial impact of risk events, deficiency remediation plans, cumulative diagnostics, a flexible reports engine, tasks scheduling and tracking, requirement handling, change management process and certification surveys (sign-off) on processes, controls and policies.

Modern Age and Future

The Multi-Org Revolution and Global Provision

ProcessGene is the initiator and has been the leader of the Multi-Org revolution in the domains of BPM and GRC.
In multi-subsidiary organizations, each subsidiary is required to manage its business processes and GRC efforts as an independent entity. Nevertheless, several business processes and GRC data are similar and even shared among subsidiaries, hence can be controlled and managed more efficiently globally instead of locally. By using a centralized framework, multi-subsidiary organizations can leverage the synergy between their subsidiaries, save time and efforts by reducing redundancies and duplication of work, assure uniformity (when required) and assure that BPM and GRC tasks are conducted in coordination and accurately among enterprise units.
ProcessGene's Multi-Org technology is therefore aimed at providing multi-subsidiary organizations with capabilities of managing their business processes, GRC operations and IT systems centrally, using a global process baseline. This allows multi-subsidiary organizations to exploit the benefits of a global organization and reuse of data, operations, and resources, while maintaining flexibility for local subsidiaries when required. Since the inception of the Multi-Org concept, ProcessGene has been investing significant R&D efforts on the formation of Multi-Org supporting technology. One of the most complex challenges and important goals of the ProcessGene Multi-Org technology is providing a simple and natural framework to Multi-Org users, despite the high complexity of managing interconnected Multi-Org data across organizations.

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