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ProcessGene Software Suite for Business Process Realization

An Integrative Approach for Business Process Realization

The ProcessGene BPM Software Suite is not another conventional BPM tool. Actually, it is so different that we had to define a new category for it. We call it "Business Process Realization".

We define "Business Process Realization" as the "Ongoing, Effective Transformation of Strategy into Business Processes & IT solutions, Subject to Regulatory Compliance".

The ProcessGene Suite is the first and only fully integrated software solution for Multi-Org Business Process Realization. The suite provides a structured solution for the most critical process-related tasks: modeling, realization, change control and compliance enforcement. These tasks, are alternatively managed either manually (by IT consultants) or by a set of uncoordinated IT tools.

Business Process Realization Software Suite

As an integrated, end-to-end, software solution - the ProcessGene Suite enables implementers to define, customize, test and document ERP/CRM/SCM systems through a unique, process based interface. This approach helps to reduce the duration and costs of the implementation project, and to achieve improved user satisfaction through the deployment of intuitive interfaces.

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