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The ProcessGene Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Software Solution

Simply the Most Powerful Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Software Solution.
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Introduction to the ProcessGene Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Software Solution

The ProcessGene BPM software suite provides a complete software solution for Mergers & Acquisitions Integration. The Mergers & Acquisitions Integration software is implemented within days, immediately creating business process visibility and centralized control.

This unique M&A Integration software establishes an automated integration process between business units - that reduces the time and cost of merger & acquisition management. ProcessGene's Mergers & Acquisitions Integration software is designed for multi-subsidiary organizations, based on our Multi-Org technology.

ProcessGene is acknowledged worldwide as a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions (see Gartner's report).

ProcessGene GRC Software Solutions - Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

The Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Challenge

Completing the financial and legal aspects of a merger transaction is a mere introduction for the upcoming integration effort. The foremost issue faced by merged organizations, is how to successfully integrate the operations and IT, hence achieving operational synergies.

With the increase of process and operational complexity on one hand, and the attempts to optimize business outcomes on the other, organizations are required to invest more efforts in integration of mergers and acquisitions. Executive officers are specifically required to demonstrate effective integration plans, and to ensure corporate synergy and consolidation.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Challenge for Multi-Subsidiary Organizations

Multi-subsidiary organizations are confronting even more complex M&A challenges, due to differences between the business processes, IT systems and operational characteristics of subsidiaries. Hence, mergers and acquisitions management in a multi-subsidiary environment becomes an extremely complex task when managed manually or by uncoordinated tools that are not specifically designed for Multi-Org operations.

ProcessGene Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Software Solution

The ProcessGene M&A consolidation software is the only solution in the BPM market that provides a comprehensive and integrated framework for consistent and effective handling of mergers and acquisitions in a multi-subsidiary environment.

The M&A consolidation software enables enterprises to compare processes, perform gap analysis, plan and implement process integration, audit and report on integration success and track mergers and acquisitions status using a central and dedicated cockpit.

ProcessGene's M&A consolidation software enables the generation of accurate business process models, at only a fraction of the time and costs that are usually associated with business process modeling and realization. Modeling outputs are utilized for redesigning and optimizing merged business processes, as well as for configuring and implementing IT infrastructure and applications.

ProcessGene's Mergers & Acquisitions software deals with a wide array of merger topics, ranging from conceptual process modeling (e.g. for sales force integration or development of consolidated product offering), to actual process realization and IT deployment in functional areas such as finance, operations, human resource management, production planning, and integrated supply chain management.

Learn more about M&A process integration software.

ProcessGene "Multi-Org" Technology for Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

ProcessGene has been a pioneer and global leader in Multi-Org technology. During the past decade we have mastered a unique expertise in providing software solutions to multi-subsidiary organizations worldwide (see Gartner's report). Our M&A integration software has been specifically designed for multi-subsidiary organizations and it features the most comprehensive solution for complex, distributed business process modeling challenges.

The ProcessGene Multi-Org technology enables organizations to think globally and act locally through a unique business process model formation that contains a global baseline together with a set of local variants. The global baseline is managed by corporate HQ, ensuring a controlled global environment, while allowing subsidiaries a predefined level of local flexibility.

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Our Multi-Org Mergers & Acquisitions Integration software solution offers the following benefits:
  • Very fast implementation, the system is up and running within days
  • The most seasoned and comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the BPM software domain (see Gartner's report)
  • Ability to compare process models and merge operations using an easy and intuitive interface
  • Alignment of organizational units according to enterprise standards, while allowing a controlled level of local flexibility
  • Reuse former merger and acquisition data and knowledge to speed-up and improve the quality of next integration projects
  • Full transparency, visibility and control of the merger/acquisition project
  • Multi-Org technology enables central control and management of subsidiaries' operational data. Multi-Org creates a common process terminology, uniform merger and acquisition consolidation methods and consistent reporting standards across subsidiaries worldwide
  • An efficient management of the mergers and acquisitions consolidation process using the ProcessGene task engine
  • Central cockpit with dashboards for data analysis and diagnostics- showing quantitative the mergers and acquisitions consolidation status
  • Controlling multiple mergers and acquisitions projects within an central and integrated framework
  • A comprehensive business process repository and templates of business process best-practices provide reference and accelerate process modeling
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) support (optional)

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