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Solutions and FeaturesLiteStandardProfessionalEnterprise
Business Process Modeler
Tabular business processes modeling
Graphical business processes modeling
MS Visio support and conversion
Documents management
BPM diagnostics and analytics
Requirements management
Reporting engine with personalized reports
Reporting engine with personalized search queries
Process modeling log
Modeling tasks management
Multi-Org Orchestrator
Inter-organization comparison
Data exchange between organizations models
Org-based user permission management
Cross-org mandatory component enforcement
Enterprise software rollout manager
Cross-org user requirement and IT fulfillment follow-up
The ProcessGene GRC Software Suite
Operational and financial risk management
Regulation management
Control measures management
Compliance tasks management
Compliance diagnostics
Compliance monitoring and control
Compliance quiz for employees
Process-based compliance management
Compliance history archiving
ERP Implementation and Rollout Manager
ProcessGene AnyERP SOA Connector
ProcessGene Connector to SAP
ProcessGene Connector to Oracle
Online connectivity to the enterprise ERP installations
ERP related diagnostics
ERP vendor's content repository
Change Manager
Requirements management
Changes tasks management
Change diagnostics
Compliance monitoring and control
Mergers & Acquisitions Consolidator
M&A consolidation wizard
Multi-Org Rollout Orchestrator features
Modeling Project Manager
Tasks management
Progress reports
Project steps
User workflow and reminders via SMTP e-mail
Quick and advanced Search
Reports in 3 formats and in PDF, Excel
Presentation view
Visio BPMN/UML/EPC Modeling
Disk space1G1G1G2G
Number of application users10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Customization capabilities, Number of user fields315100Unlimited
Language support: Different GUI language per user (supported languages)

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