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The ProcessGene BPM Software Suite

Simply the Most Powerful BPM Software Solution.
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Introduction to the ProcessGene BPM Software Solution

ProcessGene is the leading provider of software solutions for Business Process Management (BPM). The BPM software solutions are implemented within days, immediately creating visibility and centralized control.

Businesses and governments worldwide use the ProcessGene BPM software cloud to manage, control and improve business processes, implement enterprise software, and coordinate mergers and acquisitions. ProcessGene's BPM software is designed for multi-subsidiary organizations, based on our Multi-Org technology.

ProcessGene BPM Software

ProcessGene "Multi-Org" Technology for BPM Software Solutions

ProcessGene has been a pioneer and global leader in Multi-Org BPM technology. During the past decade we have mastered a unique expertise in providing software solutions to multi-subsidiary organizations worldwide (see Gartner's report).

Our BPM software cloud has been specifically designed for multi-subsidiary organizations and it features the most comprehensive solution for complex, distributed business process planning, improvement, and implementation challenges.

The ProcessGene Multi-Org technology for BPM enables organizations to think globally and act locally through a unique business process model formation that contains a global baseline together with a set of local variants. The global business process baseline is managed by corporate HQ, ensuring a controlled global environment, while allowing subsidiaries a predefined level of local flexibility.

Benefits of the ProcessGene BPM Software Solution

Our Multi-Org BPM software solution offers the following benefits:
  • Very fast implementation, the system is up and running within days
  • The most seasoned and comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the BPM software domain (see Gartner's report)
  • Full automation of the BPM process using the ProcessGene™ task management engine, making it the most powerful system in the industry - yet intuitive and user friendly
  • Full transparency and visibility - for management, process analysts, and subject matter experts
  • Multi-Org technology enables central control and management of subsidiaries' BPM data. Multi-Org creates a common business process management language, uniform process assessment and optimization methods and consistent reporting standards across subsidiaries worldwide
  • Central cockpit with dashboards for data analysis and diagnostics - showing quantitative business process management fulfillment status
  • Full support for process-driven Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management
  • Covering a wide range of business process planning, assessment and optimization methodologies - all within the same framework
  • Featuring one of the world's most comprehensive business process repository- including templates of business process best-practices

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